How to avoid Mould


You have moved to a tropical climate.  You need some info about living in this environment as it can be different to many places you may have lived at in Australia.  Please read this guide carefully and help prevent the development of mould at your property.

The short version:

Moisture in your property allows mould to grow.  The moisture is always present in the form of water vapour in the air (Humidity). What you do and how you live makes a difference!

Please DO this:

  • After your hot shower leave the bathroom extractor fan on for a prolonged period of time, even longer than it takes just to remove the steam;
  • Always cook with the extractor fan on;
  • If drying clothes inside (either in a drier or clothes horse) leave the extractor fan on….for a really long time…

But NEVER this:

  • Never set aircon in Port Hedland below 24Deg, at any time of year;
  • Never set aircon below 26Deg in periods of high relative humidity (more on that later in this guide);
  • Do not permanently block sunlight from any room by placing foil on the windows.
If you can see condensation forming, it’s already going wrong!