Disclosure of Relationship

Hedland First National (HFN) discloses that members of our staff have personal relationships with local contractor business or employees of those business.  These business HFN may use in the ordinary course of our day-to-day operations.
It is simply a fact of life in a smaller community that there is a likelihood that the partners of employees may be employed in local businesses and in a business HFN’s size it is unavoidable.
These relationships could lead to a real or perceived conflict of interest. This could for example, take the form of unnecessary or excessive works being ordered. 
We believe the ethical, customer first reputation and ethos we have developed in HFN over the years will mitigate this. HFN sees our customers as our most important asset and we are not prepared to jeopardize this for contractors, we take our fiduciary duty with regards to our clients’ money seriously.
HFN has a policy of not accepting commissions or payments from any services providers we use or recommend as a way to limit any conflict of interest.
It is always your right as our client to tell us to use or not use particular suppliers and we will in all instances follow your direction.
Business we or staff members currently have disclosable relationships with as of include;
Company/Nature of Relationship
Stay Cool Air-conditioning and Electrical (SKE) – Staff member partner of owner;
Total Electrical and Communication (TEC) – Staff member partner of employee;
TJL Plumbing – Staff member partner of owner/ownership stake;
White Knight Industries – Staff member partner of employee;
CPC Engineering – Staff member partner of employee.